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Palatium Magnaura
(The Great Palace of Constantinople)

What`s Under The
Palatium Cafe and Restaurant

The Great Place of Constantinople (Palatium Magnum) also known as sacred palace was the largest Imperial Byzantine Palace Complex. Located in South Eastern and the Peninsula now known as "Old Istanbul". Palace built by 1. Constantine. Palace served as the main royal residence of Eastern Roman and Byzantine Emperors from 330-1081 and was the center of administration for over 800 years. 1. Constantine built 3 Palaces in Great Palace Complex;

Palatium Daphne (Near the Hipodrom, Under the Blue Mosque), You can visit mosiac Museum and see largest Mosics of Great Palace

Palatium Khalke (Unknown Location),

Palatium Magnaura (Under the Our Restaurant).

And Other emperors build other palaces as well. Like Bukeleon Palace (near the costline).

And He and his successors built many amazing buildings. Cistern, Churches, Ayazma, Senate, Baths, Forms, Parks etc. (We can`t give private infos but we believe you discover many of important buildings when you walk on roads or eat in restaurants, stay in in hotel, bath in hamams. Respect them and their owners.)

Now All of these under the old Istanbul and Sultanahmet Square. Only few remnants and fragments or its Foundations have survived in the modern world. Mostly is gone or changed.  

Don`t you Forget when you walk these lands. You are not walking on shining walkways roads. You walk on 2000+ years history. And every main decision of world, signature of history taken over here.

1996 our company found one part of Great Palace of Constanople (Palatium Magnum), Palace of Magnaura (Palatium Magnaura) and took us Four years to excavate 1st steps and move out 600 trucks dirt. All responsibility, ownership and the expenses spend By Basdogan family and their Companies and near future we`ll open other parts of Magnaura for all mankind and light up the history more. 

We are so happy to see you in here and waiting you the see this Beautiful, spiritual Palace (Palatium Magnaura).

Rules Of Magnaura
(Please read carefully, all the details you need to know write over here)
Palatium Magnaura (Magnaura Palace) Rules


Cankurtaran, Kutlugün Sk. No:33, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

+90 543 844 54 13

Opening Hours:


Monday to Sunday: 12.30pm-12.30am

Palatium Magnaura (The Great Palace)

Geçici bir süre kapalıdır.

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